Earth Day 2010

Earth Day 2010 @ Belle Isle Nature Zoo

The Student Conservation Association, The Belle Isle Nature Zoo and Friends of Belle Isle, teamed up to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day.  Of which, started in Ann Arbor, Michigan with a mass-series of teach-ins including 20 million people all over the nation, the largest ever in U.S. history!

With the help of Aramark, NBC and Southwest Airlines respectively, 30 volunteers participated in a service project, improving Belle Isle’s Nature Zoo outdoor classrooms.

Some of the work included:

–         General clean-up

–         Removing felled trees

–         Removing non-native and invasive plants

–         Installing a rain barrel irrigation system

–         Making and installing timber seating

–         Created an outdoor classroom in former wildflower garden

–         Creating another outdoor classroom for existing bee garden

See pics below!

Putting in some work on the rain barrel irrigation system!

Removing invasives, non-natives and weeds from the outdoor wildflower classroom

SCA Detroit teams up with volunteers from the Friends of Belle Isle and Aramark

Workin' that elbow grease!

Making timber stools for the Bee Garden outdoor classroom

SCA Detroit teams up with volunteers from NBC Universal and Southwest Airlines

Clearing brush and taking names...!

The moment of truth...

Clearing some felled trees

It's a wrap!

Reflecting on a good day of hard work...

Enjoying the fruits of our labor...!

SCA Detroit's team of environmental stewards

From left to right: (standing) Kiara, Jessica, Darnell, Lolita, Jade, Schcari, Shane, Malik,
(seated) Marcus, Wesley, Evan and Ja’Ria.

1 of 3 new outdoor classrooms @ the Belle Isle Nature Zoo.

Belle Isle Nature Zoo's new Bee Garden classroom.

Queen Bee says, "Thanks for my new home!"

Belle Isle Nature Zoo's new Wildflower Garden and outdoor classroom.


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