NBC Universal sponsors Earth Day 2010 Contest

SCA’s Earth Day Volunteer event at Detroit’s Belle Isle Nature Zoo on April 24th, 2010 was a huge success.  To help capture the impact the event had on the youth and the community, NBC Universal generously provided prizes to award youth that participated in Earth Day and submitted entries in this year’s Earth Day contest.  Submissions were open to a host of visual and performance art like drawing, video, poetry, singing, acting, etc.

Here are this year’s Earth Day winners!

1st place

Earth Day, Every day! Alleviate, Kiara C.

I get Involved! Trying new things; volunteering in the community.

Reducing, reusing and recycling. Aluminums, paper, glass and plastics.

I see it here, I see it there.

People drop, kick, and glance at trash on the ground.

Why is it that no one cares?

We are the youth who can make a change.

Bad habits hurt our environment.

Smoking polluting the air!! Why?

For a bad liver and lungs.

We breathe the same air, let us be aware, that mother earth needs a nation of support and care.

Why, eat a bag of chips and drop it on the ground? Why, unwrap gum and other papers and let it blow in the air, littering the streets of our beautiful city!

We as people must take responsibilities for our actions,

and many times others too.

Earth day: 1 day of 365 days.

A nationwide tradition that should be done year-round!

I am ONE! Taking thee initiative to better the earth, going green and promoting its importance.

I as ONE! Have changed my negative habits into positives.

Conserving energy,

Conserving water,

Recycling paper,

And reusing all that I can.

Volunteering has changed my perspectives of my surroundings’.

Restoring communities; by participating in conservation projects such as outdoor classrooms, planting & watering trees, building irrigation systems and other conservation work.

I take pride in my involvement to have experienced a significant impact!

You too can do your part and alleviate the waste on our Earth!

1st runner up

Freehand Sketch, Malik M.

"Before and After"

The Belle Isle Nature Zoo's outdoor classroom

Honorable mention,

Essay, Darnell B. (not pictured)

Hi my name is Darnell Brown and I was at the Earth Day Project.  It was fun helping better the Belle Isle Nature Zoo.  We split up into 4 Crews. Crew 1 worked in the bee garden installation and the clearing of brush and vegetation for the outdoor classroom. Crew 2 worked on trail maintenance and cleaned up and repainted the deer prints on the pathway. Crew 3 did rain barrel installation, stencils, and seal tree stumps. Crew 4 (my Crew), we worked on invasive removal and rail fence repair.  We cleaned out this area for the plants that belong there so they can live because the invasives were taking over and killing the plants and animals that lived there. They also did a controlled burn on the phragmites after we cleaned up all the invasives that was in our area.  I then went around and helped the other groups out and moved big logs the size of a tree and led my crew with another returnee.  To sum it up, we kind of helped out with the Nature Zoo’s well-being by creating outdoor classrooms at the Nature Zoo. I could go back there 6 years from now and all the work we did there is going to be something new and nice for up coming generations to enjoy.

When we got done with the Nature Zoo it looked like a brand new place.  I want to say thank you to everybody that came out that day to help out because we really did a lot of good for the Belle Isle Nature Zoo.  Our volunteers included Aramark, NBC, Southwest Airlines, and Conservation Leadership Corps Alumni.

We Also went to a training before the 24th of April for a little going over of what we was going to be doing we found out everything we had to work at because we had sponsors and we had to know how to lead them in a nice proper way.  We went over the different tools and how to use them the right way, recap when you’re not using them the right way and how to store them when they’re not in use, and other safety precautions.  From Earth Day, I learned better Leadership Skills and Communication Skills.


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  1. Posted by kiara c on August 4, 2010 at 10:44 pm

    Who wrote that poem?? –> i did! 🙂 nice poem MS.Canty, very nice & relevant, Great picture Partner-> Malik on the photo yu have drawn looks just like our BEFORE & AFTER


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