Going Green!

SCA Detroit’s Conservation Leadership Corps is a summer employment program that prepares our youth for the Green Economy.

The first part of this goal is achieved by creating a work environment that nurtures the connection between our youth, their surrounding environment and each other.  The first week of the CLC program is very critical in setting the stage for the rest of the summer.  Our Corps members do this by participating in recreational activities, team-building games, leadership skill-building, and other job-readiness activities.

The second part of this goal is achieved by providing eco-literacy and valuable work-skills training in which the Corps members learn about plant and tree identification (native, non-native and invasive), proper body mechanics and safe tool use.  All of which, help provide a positive and safe environment for the youth to work in.  Many of our youth will be gainfully employed for the 1st time in their lives so exposing them to good work habits for them to build on is essential to their success in the future.

Connecting these two strategies is the heart of the CLC Program, the Green Job Readiness Curriculum.  The mission of SCA’s GJRC is to empower and inspire youth to become conservation leaders in their community by encouraging critical thinking and active citizenship. The curriculum seeks to give youth a foundation of knowledge in local, regional and global environmental issues, introduce them to green career pathways and facilitate their development of pre-vocational skills needed to tap into those opportunities.

Say HELLO to SCA Detroit’s 2010 team of Conservation Leadership Corps members!

Morning announcements and welcome @ EGS Park w/Evan and Rebecca

Corps members anxiously awaiting their team assignments.

Putting together a crew contract

Work skills training @ Rouge Park

Team “Mud Work” intently listening to one of the work skills instructors

Tree I.D. with Sal from the Greening of Detroit
Learning about invasives w/Gary Crawford.

Learning tool safety and proper body mechanics w/Shane.

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