Sticks and Stones

SCA Detroit’s CLC Crews are more than halfway into the summer program so we wanted to update you on where we were on our projects!

Team United Green Squad

Team “United Green Squad” a.k.a. “U.G.S.” has been busy on Belle Isle removing tons of an invasive species of plants called phragmites. United Green Squad has culled back a substantial amount of phragmites on Belle Isle and exposed much needed recreation space and natural habitat for animals and insects to live and flourish.

Team 2Green!

Team “2Green” has also been busy on Belle Isle removing invasives as well.  Their focus has been removing and clearing an unfavorable woody invasive called honeysuckle.  2 Green has cleared its weight and then some in honeysuckle around an old walking trail along the southeast shore of Belle Isle making it more accessible for nature lovers and wildlife.  Fox sightings have been common as of late!

Team Dirty Green

Team “Dirty Green” has been sweeping Brightmoor off its feet on a community garden and pocket park just south of Eliza Howell Field, in northwest Detroit.  Dirty Green also has cleaned up a vacant lot that had previously been used as an illegal dumpsite and cover for illicit activity.

Team Green Squad:

Team “Green Squad Cash Out” has been swinging their pulaskis on the Eliza Howell Trail, also in the Brightmoor Community.  Their work has been focused on making the trail more accessible for local residents that use the adjacent park, building a native timber turnpike, removing invasives and making wooden trail signs.  Blue Herons have visited recently to give us their approval.

Team Da Crew

Team Mud Work

Team “Da Crew” and Team “Mud Work” both have been busting their branches in Rouge Park, working to extend the only mountain bike trail located in Detroit.  Da Crew and Mud Work has been clearing trail, removing invasives and building a native timber bridge connecting the trails located on either side of the Rouge River.

Rock Nation

Team “Rock Nation” has been drilling away at W.E.B. Dubois Preparatory Academy constructing benches out of native timber for an outdoor classroom.  The outdoor classroom serves as a natural place to study environmental justice, one of the cornerstones of W.E.B. Dubois Preparatory Academy’s curriculum.


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