Recycled Dreams

On October 15th, SCA Detroit youth attended the 6th Annual Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit Conference, a local gathering on environmental justice and sustainable living practices.  Led by Rhonda Anderson of the Sierra Club, SCA Detroit’s youth boarded a bus to tour the infamous Zug Island and the bordering neighborhoods (the most polluted zip codes in Michigan) in search of environmental injustices that pollute our air, land, water and lungs.  The tour revealed a massive concentration of industrial pollution stemming from a massive steel mill, oil refinery, lime, scrap metal, compost, coke, gypsum and waste water processing and a gigantic salt mine that stretches over 100 miles beneath the City.  The tour also helped SCA Detroit’s youth learn about the extensive health risks associated with such pollution and how oppressive these health risks are on the local community and environment.

The Bioneers Detroit Conference also provided opportunities for youth to enjoy a meal prepared with seasonal produce from local community gardens, meet and network with other youth and engage in “learnshops” on energy efficiency and how to use media to create community awareness.

The Bioneers Detroit Conference also served as a temporary resting spot for Nomkhubulwane (Nom-koo-bull-wah’nee), a life-sized elephant sculpture created from recycled truck tires.  Weighing at 1.3 tons and standing over nine feet tall, Nomkhubulwane is a powerful reminder of how our consumer lifestyles have disconnected us from our relationship to each other and nature.

All the while, SCA youth (Richard, Martez, Robert, Kiara and Marcus) also captured video of their experiences.


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