Crew 5: Brightmoor’s Brightest

Crew 5, headed by Crew Leaders Joe M. and Miss Imani, have been working diligently with Brightmoor and other community neighbors to develop an Edible Playscape as an extension of a community preschool. Part of their project was building benches, bridges and fencing to create a variety of learning spaces for pre-school aged children to learn about the environment and urban agriculture.

The first week at the site, Brightmoor’s Brightest focused on cleaning up Brightmoor community garden by weeding, ridding the sidewalks of overgrowth, and picking up any trash in the surrounding areas. They reused any found objects they could to create community art.

The second phase for Brightmoor’s Brightest included cleaning abandoned spaces of overgrowth in the surrounding area. The reclamation of what had been abandoned or overgrown was considered by Crew 5 to be some of their most important work.

Included in this task was the Brick Wall Mural Project, undertaken by the crew. Once the main lot had been cleared, it became a focus point in the neighborhood. The subsequent mural that was painted on an uncovered brick wall and was intended to bring positive attention to the site.

A play area was also erected in the lot, including a 4-square court that initially was the foundation of a crumbled garage. The crew also assembled a fence around the court that was hand painted by Brightmoor’s Brightest.

Crew Leader Joe M. said, “The crew thought it would be a good idea to stabilize the surrounding areas and create game areas for the little kids who visit the garden.”








A large component of B.B.’s work was the education and leadership, exemplified in their engagement children in the surrounding area. Along with passing along their knowledge of design and the environment, the crew worked collaboratively on painting the boards that over up windows and doors of abandoned homes.

In addition, they helped run a petting farm every other Wednesday during the program, as well as making labels for a community vegetable garden for further environmental education, and facilitated a small recycling program aimed at making zero waste from their lunches on-site.


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