CLC Detroit 2012 Edition


And so it starts.  80 young people from the city of Detroit filed in on July 9th to be put into their 8 crews to create and maintain green space in their community.  The Greening of Detroit, Johnson Controls, and the Student Conservation Association have made this 6 week summer work program possible for the 5th year in a row.  Amit Weitzer, the SCA Conservation Leader Corp program director explains for the newcomers that as a point of pride and attention, we announce our presence by a crew leader shouting- CLC and our full team of 80 crew members and 16 crew members shouting back DETROIT!  There is a certain pride from Detroit residents and ownership of what it means to live in, and be from, this beautiful city, and getting them to shout back Detroit seems to be not a struggle at all.

Things started a bit quieter though, with crew members being assigned to their group numbers and in turn different group sites throughout the city.  After some team games, trainings, and hard work at their sites; the crews began to develop their own personalities as a team and give themselves a name.  This year we have the B.I.G.s (Belle Isle’s Greatest), Nature Gang- who also work on Belle Isle removing invasives, 4 Life is the crew working at D-Town Farms, Okapee Thunder Force at the Detroit Leadership Academy working on an outdoor classroom, Super Crew who is working in Brightmoor neighborhood as well as in Eliza Howell park, Crew Crew working at Singing Tree Farms, 2 Trees at the Rouge Park Trailhead, and Tree Sticks Mafia who is also in Rouge Park working on trails.  Here are some photos from the first day of work assigning groups and getting to know one another, as well as the work skills training day at Stopel park.

ImageWondering and waiting….




Learning about trees


And Leave No Trace


Our first “Share Your Story” winners, Crew 8, Okapee Thunder Force



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