Week 3, Half Way Home

Starting  and powering through projects!!  No more tree watering, those beautiful orange buckets finally get a break. Crews 5-8 are now moving on to their work sites while crews 1-4 are going strong.  Crew 5- Tree Sticks Mafia, along with Crew 6- 2Trees, are in Rouge Park developing and refining a mountain biking/hiking trail.  Crew 7- SupaCrew, started off pulling invasives and creating a wood chip trail in the Brightmoor neighborhood, but will transition to Eliza Howell park for week 4;  Crew 8- Okapee Thunder Force is working on an outdoor classroom in the garden of the Detroit Leadership Academy, a beautiful elementary school.  Trail and timber work seem to be a majority of these crew’s assignments.








Getting bit by mosquitos, zapped by the sunlight, poked by delicate yet deadly branches, and brushed just enough to freak you out by poison ivy are some of the challenges on all of the sights.  Our crew members prevail and keep clearing, chopping, pulling, raking, re-vegetating, lopping, and clearing some more.  This week’s EE day was more than welcomed.  Kayaking was tackled by 4 of the crews in Kensington State Park- with only one tipping over.  Crew Crew visited Blight Busters out on the border of Redford and Detroit, and then headed over to the motown museum.  They also stopped at two local Detroit businesses, Sweet Potato Sensations (delicious) and City Wings (finger licking good).  The kids had a chance to speak with the owners about how they achieved their goal to own a business; also what it means to be part of the rebuilding of their hometown.

Here’s the creator of Blight Busters John George, showing the kids around the Artist Village.  They have a mission to deconstruct and/or beautify abandoned

buildings/spaces and turn them into a positive space, all throughout the city.  They are also the creators of Angel’s Night.

Here is the Story telling winner from this week 4LIFE: 




Other highlights, beautiful Kamaria from SupaCrew…

A tour of D-town Farm where crew 4Life has been doin’ work


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