Week 4 Gaining knowledge and giving thanks…

This week was full of new experiences for our crew leaders and some workers from one of our funders, Johnson Controls. In the beginning of the week, each crew gained a couple new members for the day to work on their sites. The engineers, human resource folk, and executives took a peek into what our members go through on the job every day. Mim Easton from SCA was also in town to see what our crews were up to. All it took was a couple of games and welcoming comments to get people warmed up and they were doin’ work and having fun.  The Detroit CLC way.


Our members also had the task of writing thank you letters to all of the people who have helped them along through this program. The partnerships developed with many of the site workers are priceless. To trust a group of young people with your land or to work side by side with them is a risk with a great reward; on both ends of the spectrum.  Knowing how to give the agency you’re partnered with what they want with the materials you have, as well as work side by side with someone who acts as a boss is a great learning experience.  The kids wrote well and from the heart to all of the partners, funders, and speakers they were able to hear on their environmental education days.

Groups had a focus within their afternoon lesson plans on something we all “need” in life…money.  The Friday EE day was to the Junior Achiever Finance Park where crew members were given hypothetical situations of future lifestyles and how to budget and balance their money within those situations.  For many of them, this is their first paycheck and learning to manage their money is a lesson I think we all could use a reminder on.

Here’s a video from SupaCrew on the work they completed in the Brightmoor neighborhood 

Belle Isle Crews having some Isle bonding with the Ninja game


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