Week Five, Stayin’ Alive

Rain rain….go away?  It rained on all the crews pretty good this week providing a break from the sites.  Many groups went to the DIA as the millage had passed earlier this week allowing free entrance for Wayne County residents.  A beautiful thing to turn a day of work into a day of culture and getting to know what your city has to offer.  Some crews, like SupaCrew, still worked in the rain as it’s something you can see from the video in week three- they’re used to.  

Projects are lookin good and the crew members are seeing the light, only one more week of the program left.  Other crews have been trying their hand at tree watering and working on that bucket carrying workout video….it’s going to be all the rage.

Friday was our professional day at Johnson Controls.  They hosted us for a breakfast and lunch, with amazing speakers in between.  Everyone looked their best, and some of our crew members looked like they were having some great networking conversations for their future.  Here’s a clip from 2 of the speakers.

SupaCrew has been documenting their time in the program, and came up with some footage to show you what they have been up to.


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