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The Ugly of Detroit

Art and media are a great ways to capture a moment that inspires you.  One of those moments was captured in a poem by Michaela C., one of SCA Detroit’s Conservation Leadership Corps crew members.  Michaela wrote about an Eco-Justice Tour she attended during this year’s Allied Media Conference.  In her poem (The Ugly of Detroit), she shares her impression of the Detroit Incinerator (the largest waste incinerator in the world), Zug Island (a heavily industrialized island near the southern city limits of Detroit), Food Deserts (a condition where grocers are distant and unhealthy food is readily available) and the the Packard Plant (a symbol of mass deindustrialization and abandonment).

Check it out!

The Ugly of Detroit

The Detroit Incinerator

It all began at the waste monster

Where we receive the filth of the world

It happily swallows it all

As everything burns in flames

As our city slowly falls

It’s a beast to say the least

But does anyone truly care

That this week’s trash

Is next week’s air?

Zug Island

On to the playground

What a nice place to be

Until you notice the gases

Where the children run free

Imagine their smiles

So sweet and innocent

When life around them

Crumbles each minute

Its such a horrible sight to see

As their lungs fill with dismay

Will they ever see the light

Of drastically better days?

Liquor store in Detroit

Hundreds of liquor stores

Open their doors

We are so clueless of the problems

Can’t you see?

The food is gone!

It’s all dry!

Will anyone answer

Our silent, hungry cries?

The Packard Plant

Now we come to the abandonment

Aif full of despair

All to see is broken glass

That single lonely bear

And in the middle of it all

There is an isolated shoe

You could walk a mile in it

And still be ignorant of what its owner went through

A rally during the 2010 US Social Forum at the Detroit Incinerator. Photo credit: Langelle/GJEP

If eyes were a camera

We would see it all from a citizen’s view

Who knows of our troubles?

Only less than a few

Let us clear our lenses

Expose our naked eyes

And show the world the beauty inside

The ugly of Detroit

– Michaela C.